Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy

I’ve just finished the third and final book in Brent Week’s Night Angel Trilogy and I’ve got mixed feelings about it.  First, the good:

  • It’s action-packed and fast paced.  A really fun read.
  • The principle characters are interesting and I cared about them.
  • There’s an incredible sense of retributive justice that’s a deeply held wish of mine that gets personified in this story (though “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”)
  • The magic system, particularly the two kinds of magic (Talent and Vir) was very interesting.
  • I like sneaky assassin stories.
  • I enjoyed the ending.
  • Garlic chewing.
  • The bad guy was really, quite bad.
  • The emotional relationship/sexual relationship got messy as they do in real life, and I thought that was well done.

Ok, now the not so good:

  • It won’t win any awards for brilliant prose or dialogue.
  • The characters, while fun and engaging, are often shallow or a bit too 2D.
  • It only started off an a sneaky assassin kind of story, but quickly developed into a more typical fantasy, save the world story.
  • The author, I think, loses his way after the second book.  I felt the plot had really ended at the end of the second book and the third, while still fast-paced, seemed to struggle to find a plot line to hold on to.  By the time the author finds that plot line, there are only 100 pages left.
  • The cover art is AWFUL.  Part of the reason, actually, the whole reason I haven’t picked these books up before now.
  • The nods to Judeo/Christian ethics/belief were interesting, but an unnecessary part of the whole story.

Is it worth a read?  Yes, absolutely.  But don’t expect it to be mind blowing.

I have no idea what I want to read next and that’s annoying to me.