Like a hammer

While I understand and appreciate Chadbourn’s book as fiction, and take it as such, I am slowly becoming frustrated and disenchanted with his persistent and obvious declarations that gnosticism/dualism are really the way the world is made up.

I would be less frustrated with this worldview (after all, it is far from new) if he didn’t wield it with all the subtlety of a dentist with a claw hammer.

I get that he is pretty antagonistic towards Christianity, and that doesn’t bother me that much either – I’ve read plenty of novels before where that was the case, but I am finding it laborious to keep reading characters explanations of things that contain the word dualism or some derivation there of.  I get it, thank you, now show me what you mean instead of telling me.

The book started off better than it is finishing up – about 100 pages to go.


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