Story 13: “Mr. Gaunt” by John Langan

Much, much better, Mr. Langan.  I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of  horror!  The pacing was so much better than your last entry (here),  and the suspense was leagues better!  That being said, you still bummed me out and kind of ruined the horror of it all by “showing” the skeleton.  At that point, just show the reader the “skin” and let them imagine whatever it is that gets the boy.  Don’t show it!  That takes away from the reader’s capacity to imagine something worse!  But, all in all, so much more enjoyable than “On Skua Island!”  Could of been about 7-10 pages shorter, but, whatever.


Summary:  Boys investigates father’s forbidden room and gets what he deserves, told from the uncle’s perspective many years later.


Writing:  5/10

Personal Fright: 5/10

General Horror/Oppressiveness:  6/10


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