Story 12: “Homecoming” by: Ray Bradbury

I’d heard a lot about this story.  One of the things that got me excited about it was how evocative it was supposed to be of the “Halloween season.”  I didn’t get that from it though.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this story, but to me it was not evocative of the Halloween season.  One thing I really enjoy about Bradbury’s stories (all 2 I’ve read so far) is his pacing.  I feel like there is always something about to happen, and in the short story world, that’s a big plus.


Summary:  A young boy, who we soon learn is a member of a vampire (vampires, right?) family.  But, there’s one problem, he either isn’t a vampire, or at least not a very good one, and his family shuns him for it.  The family is preparing for a big party, a homecoming of all the family of sorts, who are coming from around the globe to participate.  The young boy is upset that his family really doesn’t include him in the festivities and he’s prepared to go to great lengths to earn their approval.


Writing:  8/10

Personal Fright: 1/10

General Horror/Oppressiveness:  3/10


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