Story 5: “The Lake” by Ray Bradbury

This a more modern story, by comparison, having appeared in a compilation originally published in 1943.  Many know Ray Bradbury as a Sci-Fi author, but his roots are as a horror writer.  In the Introduction to the collection (called The October Country) he wrote that he got his start publishing in Weird Tales.  Sigh.  Anyway, I found this story slightly easier to read, but what it gained by becoming more readable, it lost in terms of style excellence.  I did not stop once while reading to re-read or chew on a particularly wonderful word, phrase, or sentence.  Something I’ve done at least once in the other stories.  This story was very good, but not particularly scary.  Though I dare say if it happened in real life, it would be terrifying.

Summary:  A young boy witnesses a drowning as a child at a popular lake where the deceased was a friend of his.  The body is never recovered.  Years later he returns to the lake with his bride-to-be and reminisces with some shocking results.

Writing:  5/10

Personal Fright: 4/10

General Horror/Oppressiveness: 6/10


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