Story 3: “Beyond the Walls of Sleep” by H.P. Lovecraft

Lovecraft is the master.  I’ve written about him before on here, so I don’t want to repeat, but for me, he continually is the best writer, the most entertaining, the most consistently disturbing and frightening, and the greatest visionary of horror genre fiction.  All of that despite his racist and sexist tendencies.

Summary:  A psychiatrist working in a mental institution is given a new patient with a history of violent murder and raving, mad speeches.  He discovers that the cause of the man’s problems is from something in his dreams and later learns the man is being used as a vessel for a being from somewhere else. I am often given to disturbing dreams and so resonate with this story.

Writing: 8/10

Personal Fright:  7/10

General Horror/Oppressiveness:  7/10


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