I’ve Always Been Interested in Tattoos

After blazing through In the Woods and really enjoying it, particularly in sharing the main character’s sense of frustration and lack of resolution in his own mystery at the end, I picked up another mystery that’s been staring at me from the bookstore shelves:

I mean, how could a book with that color cover not stare at you?  It’s an excellent study in marketing; at the same time it also benefits from being a promising story.  Right from the start, it is not as fast nor as interesting as In the Woods, but it does pick up around page 90 or so.  The characters are intriguing in their shrouded-ness, but I’m hoping they get fleshed out more as the story goes on.  It’s a hugely popular book, which isn’t always the best indicator that I’ll at least be entertained, but it is an indicator.

So far the writing is not an inspired as In the Woods, but that might be because it’s a novel in translation.


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