Two Requests

1.  Please don’t put my ribcage on my ankles.

2.  Please don’t peel my face off.

These are the two requests I would like to have honored by whoever does my autopsy (should I ever have one) that I came up with after witnessing an autopsy. Some things…just ain’t natural.

Then, this, from In the Woods, in an autopsy scene:

“I don’t think anyone ever quite gets over that first time, really, the mind’s violent revolt when the pathologist slices the scalp and the victim’s face folds away from the skull, malleable and meaningless as a Halloween mask.”

Yep, Tana French is right, you never quite get over your first time seeing an autopsy.  Luckily for me, I’ve only ever watched one.  Once they got past the initial incision, I was fine.  That initial incision made me squirm though.  Then, well, French put it better than I could, “the mind’s violent revolt” upon seeing them peel a person’s face down.  It didn’t make me queasy per se, it was just a certain, unusual kind of wrong, like seeing water drip up.


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