Better Than the First One

I completed the first book in R. Scott Bakker’s trilogy wondering if it might take me all of 2010 to finish the other two.  I thought it was a ponderous book – good, but ponderous.  It wandered.  It philosophized a little too much for me.  I think that if it weren’t such an expansive universe he created, with so many characters and factions, the philosophizing might not have gotten to me so much.  But he didn’t and consequently I felt like there was just so much to learn!  Did I really want to learn all that much about a fantasy world?

But the pace of the story picked up towards the end and I completed it.  When I picked up The Warrior Prophet, it was not without trepidation.  But it moves quicker, at least so far in the first hundred pages.  I think that is partly because I know the characters now (I hope there aren’t a ton more coming!), I know more about the different factions than when I started the first one, though most are still a bit mysterious.  I know more about the plot, though it has fuzzy lines too.  I feel more like I can sit down and enjoy reading this book and less like (I did with the first one) I have to set aside time to contend with it.  I do not feel as if I have to sit down and be taken to school.  And that is a good thing for a novel.  So far, I like the second one better.  I wonder if the third will be just as much better by increment?  At least it won’t be 2011 before I find out.


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