Burn this book. Seriously.

Thank goodness I’m done with this book, it was awful.  It could have been very cool.  I was even mildly interested in the idea of a spiritual battle over Gutenburg’s invention process.  But it was as if the book were written in the author’s sleep with care taken neither for character development, plot enrichment, or even mildly provocative dialogue.  Any fourteen year old boy can invent awful ways to torture and kill people.  Sorry, not interested.  And Mr. Barker, it’s the book of “Revelation,” not “Revelations,” pet peeve of mine.  Seems like care would be taken to at least, at least, get something as easily referenced as that correct.

The demon in this book implores his reader in a depressingly repetitive way to burn this book.  At the end of it, he may be on to something.


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