What I Am Doing

I like to read and I like to write and I like to talk about reading with other people who also like to read.  This blog is for me though.  If you find it, great, hope you stick around.  If not, well then no worries.

I want to use it to jot down my thoughts about books I am reading.  I might write a single post about a book, or I might write several, we’ll see how it goes.  I might write about a quote.  I might write about a chapter.  I won’t worry about spoiling things so if you’ve not read the book and want to, you might want to skip over the posts about it until you have.

I also want to post pictures of the books I am reading.  I am not a photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures.  I don’t own photoshop or anything like that, so they’ll be pretty raw.  Oh well.

I think I’d like to think of this as my journal about reading.  That sounds good.  When I was a kid I used to keep a travel journal and I always used to note in it what book I was reading.  In going back through those I loved reading those notes, loved remembering those books.  That’s what I want this to be like.


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